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Drupal Customization
Drupal is a high-level content management system (CMS) whose built-in features make it a favorite tool among most programmers in the open source web design world. It is broadly used to integrate multifaceted applications to a site, and is used for social media networking sites, discussion forums, business web sites, sites with e-commerce web applications, resource directories and community websites.

The key features of using Drupal CMS are:
  • Ease-of-use and large selection of modules & themes
  • Excellent categorization of content through taxonomy system
  • Nice input filter system that lets you choose the format style (e.g. HTML or Textile) for each entry
  • Clean URLs through apache mod_rewrite as well as Drupal CMS URL aliasing system
  • Built-in revision system so I can handle different versions, although you can't mark one revision published while working on another.
  • Huge developer community tha''s also fairly software savvy
  • Written in PHP, and we have the set of developers who are most efficient with that scripting language.

  • Salient features offered by Drupal:
  • Content Management System
  • Computerizing of the administrative tasks
  • Managing site guests and contributors
  • Peer to Peer networking
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasting
  • Picture galleries
  • File uploading and downloading
  • Post and view personal profiles
  • Discussion Forums
  • Present users with an interface in their local language
  • Building multi-level menus
  • Apply access rules to deny site access to specified usernames, e-mail addresses, and IP addresses
  • Presents statistics and reports to administrators
  • Manage caching and throttling to improve how a site performs in heavy traffic.

  • Our Drupal CMS services include
  • Custom Design, template and theme development
  • Design integration
  • Custom modules development
  • Module installation
  • Blocks Development
  • Client specific custom modification and customization

  • Drupal CMS web sites Maintenance
    Drupal is open-source software distributed under the GPL ("GNU General Public License") and is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers. If you like what Drupal promises for you, please work with us to expand and refine Drupal to suit your specific needs. Our customizations include custom theming, custom plug-in development and site-specific flexibility.
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