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SEO Consulting - Search Engine Optimization Consulting Solutions
Acutaz Technologies is also a SEO Company that will get your website ranked on the first page of the search engines. As the Internet continues to evolve - more businesses will vie for position in the search engines. Today's competitive Internet world consists of two types of web sites .the have's and the have not's. The have's will dominate the web and gain top rankings. All other sites will be left in the dust. How will your business rank in the future? Our SEO Services will help you improve your website's ranking by assigning you an experienced SEO Consultant.

As an SEO Company we can help your website get ranked on the first page of Google. As a result, you will be able to gain higher rankings than your local competitors. We not only help drive traffic to web sites, we help convert visitors into qualified leads and paying customers.

Gain More Customers with Our SEO Consulting
How can our SEO company help improve your online visibility and attract more customers? It's simple. We assign each client to an SEO consultant. Your consultant will analyze your website and develop an effective SEO marketing campaign. Depending on the SEO plan you choose, we can provide you with monthly SEO consulting services at an affordable rate. Monthly SEO consulting will ensure the success of your website and help your website to rank high within the Google search engines.

Why is SEO Consulting Important?
SEO is crucial if you want to gain first page results in Google. If your website doesn't rank high within the Google search engines, it will be impossible for your potential customers to find you on the web. This leaves online users with no other choice than to visit your competitor's web site -- this could cost you major profits.

Our objective typically is to increase overall site visitors & conversions, thru increased keyword rankings.

Here's our SEO methodology: i. Keyword research & Keyword Tracking.
ii. Competition Analysis.
iii. Baseline reporting (Traffic, Rankings and Conversions).
iv. Technical Analysis & recommendations.
v. Content Analysis, Siloing & SEO Copywriting.
vi. Link Analysis & Link Building.
vii. Monthly Tracking & Reporting.

Here is a summarized task list for the SEO Consultant.
1. Understanding Client's Business Objectives & Strategic Marketing Plan
2. Comprehensive Website Analysis
3. Keyword Research and Analysis.
4. Baseline report
5. Competitive analysis for main keywords/keyword phrases in Search Engines.
6. Content Analysis & SEO Copywriting
7. Analysis of information architecture and linking structure.
8. Analysis of HTML and page layout.
9. HTML validation.
10. Recommendations for necessary modifications to essential page text elements for achieving satisfactory search engine placement.
11. Recommendations to optimize source code including the URL, filenames, page titles, descriptions, javascript, etc.
12. Search Engine Saturation / Link Popularity Analysis
13. Link Relevancy & Co-Citation Analysis
14. Internal & External Linking Strategy & Recommendation.
15. Ongoing Monthly monitoring, reporting and recommendations.
16. Continually optimize according to the client's needs and business objectives

Below is an SEO Proposal that I've used in the past: SEO Process, Deliverables, and Pricing The following provides details on our 9-Step SEO process, along with pricing. Our 9-step SEO Process ensures that we provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis and recommendation.

Identify initial webpages for SEO:
We will identify and optimize the most important pages on your web property first.

Identify the main and alternate keywords for each web page:
Identifying the right keyword phrase that will drive results is critical for successful SEO. Our findings show that in many cases, a phrase is better than single word, especially in an online competitive situation.

Interim Client Approval:
Review the webpage's and keywords with you to obtain agreement or make adjustments before beginning the actual SEO analysis and recommendations.

Baseline Reporting:
Generate a baseline report for the primary & secondary keywords. The baseline, as the name implies, gives us an indication of where your pages are ranked on the leading search engines, and will be used to measure results.

Critical element analysis:
We provide a deep analysis on the key elements that, when adjusted & optimized, leads to an overall successful SEO campaign.

Leveraging the analysis performed in Step 5, we create a comprehensive document that addresses specific changes and additions for your site. In some cases we include sample copy and the exact HTML code, suitable for cut & paste by your programming team. Further, we will explain in detail each of these attributes and include industry standards. We will review this document with you in detail and address any questions.

The actual implementation of our detailed recommendations. Once all the changes have been completed, we will run an audit to verify that the recommendation was implemented correctly and identify any changes, if needed.

Submission to Search Engines & Web Directories:
Although search channels regularly spider new & existing pages, we recommend submitting pages to the key channels. We will, as part of the recommendation, identify the key search channels where we should submit your webpage's, and any fee associated with each.

Monitoring and Optimizing:
SEO takes patience and continuous monitoring and optimizing to achieve success - more so in a highly competitive keyword segment. We will provide monthly reporting and optimization recommendations. The reporting is compared to the baseline (or previous month's results) to identify trends and help guide additional adjustments.

We charge a fair fixed price per project. The price depends according to the complexity and industry competitiveness, so we charge a retainer fee starting at $500. A monthly budget cap can be instituted.

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